Escape Room Delft

Wateringsevest 7C
2611 AV Delft

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Prinsenhofgarage ParkerenDelft

Kampveldweg 3
2611 WM Delft

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Escape Room Delft

Of course, when you visit Delft you can go to our theatre, go and see Mill the Rose or bring a visit to Museum de Prinsenhof. But sometimes you like a little more action! Then try DarkPark in Delft. Are you coming by car? Then park this car at the Prinsenhofgarage.

© Indebuurt
© Indebuurt

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room, like the rooms at DarkPark in Delft, is a unique experience. Fun to do with friends, family or colleagues. You will be locked up for an hour and the goal is to escape from the room as fast as possible. You can escape by figuring out puzzles and riddles with your teammates. In DarkPark in Delft there are two furnished rooms: The Dentist and The Freakshow. Both of the rooms are unique and definitely equipped for a fun and exciting activity! Please check the website of DarkPark for actual prices and further information:

The Escape Room in Delft

Escape Rooms are different everywhere. Even though the rooms aren’t scary, the ambiance can be experienced as scary by some people. The rooms at DarkPark in Delft are only accesible for people above 16 years old. It’s good to know that the room can be opened anytime, from the inside and the outside. From the inside there is an emergency button, which can automatically open the doors.

The Dentist

The Dentist, one of the two rooms at DarkPark in Delft, is in the set up of a murderous dental practice. You will be locked up in the practice of this dentist and need to escape with the help of hidden hints and objects. Within the hour of course, because otherwise the dentist will come back..

The Freakshow

The Freakshow is the other room at DarkPark in Delft. In this room you will be locked up in an old circus tent. In this ‘room’ there is no use of number locks and also not from codes. You need to use all your creative power to escape within the hour. Because after the hour the freaks come back from their show.


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