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Science Centre Delft

How does the technique nowadays influence the climate change? And what is the relation between technique and safety? Answers on questions like this, you’ll find at the Science Centre Delft. A museum where all the subjects are based on scientific research from the TU Delft. The visitor is concerned at finding the answers. Do you visit the Science Centre in Delft with the car? Then you can park your car at the Zuidpoortgarage.

About the Science Centre Delft

In the Science Centre Delft you will find more information about scientifically research. On one hand you will find all the information about the scientifically research from TU Delft and on the other hand you will learn about the outcome. Students and scientists from the TU Delft show the outcome of their research and how they came tot he conclusions. A unique and instructive experience.

© Delft op zondag
© Delft op zondag

Science Centre Delft, what happens at the TU Delft

During the year there are multiple exhibitions for audience. The most people know that the Technical University (TU) is in Delft, but what happens there exactly? And what happens there exactly is what the audience will learn at the Science Centre. You will learn what you do all day when studying at the TU Delft, but you will also see the outcome of different researches.

Interactive centre

At the Science Centre Delft you will experience what it is like to be scientist. You will test the newest techniques and can participate in a walk-in workshop of students at the Technical University. In the museum they will prescribe to your own investigative ability; you barely find information signs and you have to ask critical questions. Critical questions and perseverance are the basic competences you need to have as a scientist to make a difference in the world. Do you have it in you?


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    Science Centre Delft
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