Who is ParkerenDelft?

ParkerenDelft was founded in 2005 by the municipality of Delft for the ownership and management of parking garages. Our name was then Parking Delft. Since 2017 we take care of street parking. We are now responsible for the issue of permits and exemptions, customer contact on parking, parking enforcement (fiscal and “wet Mulder”) the collection of additional levies, including objection and appeal. The municipality is our only shareholder.

ParkerenDelft’s mission

“Our mission is to manage and operate the qualitatively high-end parking provisions – and associated provisions – in Delft and its immediate surroundings in a customer-friendly and cost-efficient manner for the benefit of Delft’s reachability and its economic functioning.”

Parking garages in Delft

ParkerenDelft is responsible for the management and operation of the Phoenixgarage (202 places), the Zuidpoortgarage (810 places), the Marktgarage (332 places), the Prinsenhofgarage (639 places)  and associated real estate. On top of that, we are responsible for the maintenance and rental at the Kampveldgarage (32 places), the management and maintenance of the Buitenhof Garage (66 places), and the management of the parking areas on the Molengraafsingel and Heertjeslaan (respectively 53 and 205 places).

The work of ParkerenDelft

The power of ParkerenDelft can be summarised in 3 words: knowledge, decisiveness and cooperation! We operate our parking garages in Delft efficiently and composedly thanks to a professional workforce. Good contact with and knowledge of the market allow us to be innovate and negotiate sharp contracts. As a result, ParkerenDelft scores highly on the national benchmark in terms of quality and efficiency.

We are part of Delft

In cooperation with Delft-based entrepreneurs and companies, we create parking products befitting various market segments. When aligning our prices and offering, we always keep the fact that we’re part of Delft society in mind. Wherever appropriate given our objectives, we participate with events by offering fitting service and setting up appropriate campaigns. This is ParkerenDelft’s contribution towards creating a hospitable city!

Sustainable parking in Delft: charging stations

The Zuidpoort Garage, the Markt Garage and the Kampveld Garage (long-term storage garage) are equipped with charging station for electrical cars. In the Zuidpoort garage the charging stations are on the specially-equipped parking places on level -1 (next to the Jumbo exit). Charging up your car is free; you only pay for the parking costs. In the Kampveld garage (storage garage), it is possible to rent a fixed place with a charging station. With this, you will have the use of your own covered parking place for your electrical car. In the Prinsenhofgarage are 8 electric charging stations.