Day and Week cards

We offer tickets and cards for 1 day, 2 or 3 days and a week.

Day ticket (QR-code)

The QR-code is for single usage: it’s not possible to enter and exit several times during your stay. The QR should be used when leaving the garage.
In case you park longer then the permitted term of your ticket, you have to pay extra at the vending machine or at the barrier while driving out (cards only).

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2 or 3 days Card, Week Card (mini-subscription)

With this card you can park 2 or 3 days or 1 week in one of our garages. The card can be used multiple times (unlimited) during the set period.
This is a mini-subscription. You specify the start date when ordering this product, the period of validity is automatically set. When entering or leaving the garage you scan the weekcard at the barrier. You don’t need to take a ticket at the barrier!

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