Where to park with a disabled parking card

You can park on different parking lots on the street with a legit disabled parking ticket. Sometimes additional conditions apply.  

On the street

For these parking lots, you can park for free with a visible disabled parking ticket in your vehicle and a blue parking disc for up to three hours.

  • On the general parking lots for the disabled with a sign with a maximum time of three hours. Is there no sign with a maximum timeframe? Then you may park for an undetermined time. You do not need a blue parking disc in sight of your vehicle when you put your disabled parking ticket in sight.
  • On the spots with a parking prohibition.
  • Outside the parking lots on a residential area.

A number of general disabled parking lots have a time window (for instance 9:00 – 18:00 hours). This timeframe is mentioned on a bottom sign. Within the hours of this timeframe it is only allowed to park here with a disabled parking ticket. Outside this timeframe you can leave your car, but the parking lots can also be used by people who do not have a disability parking ticket.

You can park your car for free on the parking lots for license holders and on payed parking lots as well. You do not need your disability parking ticket in sight of the vehicle. A blue parking disc is not necessary as well. You do need to register your license plate number of your vehicle, otherwise you will risk a ticket. Pay attention! Did you not register the license plate number of your vehicle? Then it is possible to use the payed parking lots when you have a parking permit, when you pay at the machine or as provider of mobile parking.

When your disabled parking ticket has handed in by the township of Delft, then you only have to register your license plate number of the vehicle once. This happens when the disabled parking ticket is issued. When your disabled parking ticket is handed in by a different township but you visit Delft often, then you can request a free permit for a year.

Parking garages

The Phoenixgarage, Zuidpoortgarage , Marktgarage and the Prinsenhofgarage have special lots whom are extra wide. You can park here with a disabled parking card. You pay the rate that applies for the parking garage.

Parking is not allowed

In the autoluwe area

In the autoluwe inner city, use is made of registration access. A camera with an automatically registration makes a photo of all the license plates of memorised motor vehicles entering the inner city. This photo will be compared with the database of exemption holders. You can request a day exemption to get access to the autoluwe area. Access with a motor vehicle is only allowed for letting people in or out the vehicle. Or for loading or unloading. You cannot park here; there are no parking lots in the autoluwe area as well. Outside the autoluwe area are extra general disabled parking lots.

On a parking lot on license
Is there a license registered on the bottom sign at a disabled parking lot? Than you can only park here with a vehicle with the concerning license. You can request a disabled parking lot with a license plate number, as close as possible to your home. It is only allowed to park there. This is possible through the application form.