A free year permit when you have a disabled parking card

If you have a parking card for disabled people, not issued by the township of Delft, and you visit Delft often, you can request a free year permit. This allows you to park in regular parking lots.

Apply for an annual permit

To request a year permit disabled parking ticket

You can apply for the annual license online. You need a DigiD for the request. Through settings, you can log in with an user name and password. Do you not have this as setting yet? Then you can request this through the contactform.

Pay attention! You will find the year permit after logging in under the button ‘request disabled parking ticket’.

With your request, sent a scan or digital photo in of the front- and back of your disabled parking card. The annual license is license plate bound and valid for a maximum of 1 year. You can only request this for yourself.
Pay attention: A day after the permit has expired, you can request a new year permit (not sooner). 

Register the license

With a year permit you can park for free on paid parking lots for permit holders. You must register your license plate number. You can register up to 3 number plates, the registration number of the first car is active. Always activate the registration number of the vehicle you are driving, otherwise you risk traffic information.

One-time visit

If you have a disabled parking ticket and you only visit Delft once, you can park on general parking lots for disabled or in the parking garages. In the Phoenixgarage, Zuidpoortgarage, Marktgarage and Prinsenhofgarage are special lots whom are extra wide. You can park here with a disabled parking ticket. You do pay the normal rate.


Op de website van de gemeente Delft vindt u de verordeningen en beleidsregels aangaande parkeren in Delft.