Exemption traffic junction Kristalweg

At the Kristalweg is a selective traffic junction to stop through traffic in the Harnaschpolder. The Kristalweg is cut in halves at the Dijkhoornseweg. Motorized vehicles do not have permission to drive through the junction. Only slow traffic, exemption holders and emergency services are allowed to drive through. Residents and companies in the Harnaschpolder Delft can request an exemption.

Through traffic

The traffic junction provides through traffic between Den Hoorn, Prinses Beatrixlaan and the A4. Also construction vehicles can’t drive through the traffic junction. All addresses in the Hanrschpolder are accessible by different roads.

License plate recognition

To pass the traffic junction, you will need exemption on the license plate of your vehicle. Camera’s supervise the license plate when you pass the traffic junction. If you don’t have exemption but passed the traffic junction, you will get a fine. You can request license plate access online. Do you live in the Harnschapolder or do you have a company here? Then you can request one exemption per address, where you can register two licenses. An exemption is also possible for primary care organizations in the area.

Request exemption

Warningletter or fine

There are consequences when you drive through the traffic junction without exemption. The first time you will get a warning letter and the second time you will get a fine. Did you receive a letter or fine and do you have any questions about it? Fill in this contact form.