Information license plate recognition

In the car-free center of Delft, license plate recognition shall be used. This means that when you drive into the center of Delft, you’re license plate is registered. If you want to drive into the center careless, you need to have a exemption for your license plate. It’s user friendly and simple: everyone with an exemption can drive into the area.

License plate recognition is for all the vehicles with a license plate; so also for a moped, scooter, speed pedelec and moped car.

Request exemption for the car-free center directly 

Mind this!

  • Only at the Oude and Nieuwe Langendijk mopets and scooters are allowed to drive without exemption.
  • You don’t need exemption when you are walking with the moped or scooter.
  • Cyclists (also electric bikes with pedal support till 25 km/h) and scoot mobility scooter don’t need exemption to get into the car-free center of Delft.

Click here to request exemption directly.

Direct kentekentoegang autoluwe binnenstad aanvragen

How does license plate recognition work?

If you want permission to drive into the car-free center of Delft, you need to have exemption for your license Plate. Camera’s register your license when you drive into the area. If you have exemption, you can drive into the area at walking speed. Don’t you have an exemption? Then you will get a fine by the CJIB.

Warningletter or fine

By violation in the car-free centre you will first receive a warning letter and the next time you will get a fine. Have you received a fine or a letter and do you have questions about it? Fill in this contact form.

Day exemption

Do you want to drive in to the car-free centre to load or unload? Or do you want to pick someone up or bring someone who has difficulty walking? In this case you can ask a free day exemption for the centre. It is also possible to get an exemption at the Zuidpoortgarage on the Zuidwal. A day exemption isn’t valid on Friday from 18.00-21.00 and on Saturday from 11.00-17.00.

Fixed exemption

Do you live in the car-free area, do you have company here or do you deliver product to stores in the area? Then you can get a fixed exemption for driving in and out the area.

Heavy vehicles

Do you need to be in the Centre with a truck (heavier than 3500kg)? Then you will need a exemption for heavy vehicles.