Long distance coaches

Long distance coaches are prohibitted in the historical centre of Delft. Letting the passengers in and out is allowed at the Koepoortsplaats behind the Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre (max. 30 minutes parking). From the Koepoortsplaats it is a 250 meter walk to the centre and 600 meters walk to the Market. At the Phoenixstraat by the St. Agathaplein are also 3 pick-up and drop-off points.

Parking long distance coaches

In and around the centre of Delft are 3 parking places for long distance coaches:

  • Koepoortsplaats (by centre). 7 places, maximum of 30 minutes parking
  • Zuidplantsoen (TU-area). 15 places, parking from 07.00 am till 07.00 pm (till April 1st 2018)
  • Olaf Palmestraat. 12 places (from April 1st till September 1st).
  • Paardenmarkt (Centre). 2 places, paid parking

From 07.00 pm long distance coaches are allowed to parking next to Schieweg (road).