Visitor parking permit

If you live in a paid parking area or if you have a company here, you can request a parking permit for your visitors. This permit has an amount of parking credit, which you can purchase every year. At the website (laptop or phone) or by phone through 015 – 301 05 20 or 14015 you can easily sign your visitors up or sign them out. A parking ticket in the car of you visitors is not necessary. The parking attendant scans the license plate of the car an can see if you have signed you visitors up. With a permit like this, your company can only pay in the parking area where you live of where you have a company. They can park at every parking spot, with exception of disabled parking places and parking places at the Pasouwselaan.

Request visitors parking permit

Request visitors parking permit 

Costs visitors parking permit per November 1st, 2020

200 hours parking credit:

  • Residents parking area B: € 38,20
  • Companies parking area B: € 114,80
  • Residents parking area C, E, F, Y, Z: € 19,35
  • Companies parking area C, E, F, Y, Z: € 30,15
  • Residents parking area H: € 19,35
  • Companies parking area H: € 30,15

Rates leges 2024

Besides the costs of a permit, you pay leges for every request. The leges as of January 1st, 2024 are:

  • € 5,90 per product


You can buy visitor hours in blocks of 200 hours with a maximum of 600 hours per year. These hours do not have an expiration date. The parking is settled per minute. You can see your credit at the website, the app for the smartphone or you can ask it when you sign in or out your visitors by phone. If you want to sign your visitors in or out, you need to have the reporting number and pin code which you’ll get when you request your visitor parking permit. You can sign in multiple visitors at one time. Your company is only allowed to park on parking place (with exception of a disability parking place) within your parking area.

Sign up visitors immediately


The license plate data will only be used to control weather you signed in your visitors. If you have signed in your company, the data will be destroyed within 48 hours after parking. Because of this the license plate of your visitors is not visible at the website or application after 48 hours of the visit. Is your company not signed in and do you receive a fine? Then the data will be kept during the legal term of the objection procedure.

More information

Do you want to know more about the visitor parking permit? You can ask your question by using the contact form or call 015-2001046. You can login with your DigiD. Companies login with their username and password. Paying is only possible by credit card or iDeal. It is not possible to pay afterwards or per accept giro. After the request, your permit is valid directly.

Sign in visitors

You can sign your visitors in through the website (on a computer, tablet or phone) or by phone at 015 – 301 05 20 or 14015. At the request of a visitor parking permit you will receive a reporting number and pin code, which you will need when sigining in your visitors. You can sign in multiple visitors at one time. When signing in, you have to fill in an ending time. fill in a late time of day if you are not sure when your company leaves. You can always change the ending time.
If your company leaves, make sure to sign them out. Don’t you do that? Then the parking minutes will keep going of your credit.

Conditions request visitors parking permit

  • You can only request a visitor parking permit for the area where you are registered as a resident or where you have a company
  • Residents can only request one visitor parking permit per address
  • Companies can only request one parking permit
  • Do you have parking place on your own terrain? Then it is possible that you do not qualify for a visitor parking permit
  • A visitors parking permit cannot be used for parking a big vehicle, trailer or recreation vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not have a username and password as a company?
Don’t you have a username and password as a company? Then you can request this at the contact form. Mention the Chamber of Commerce number at your request.

Are you moving within the same area? Then you can take your credit with you.
Are you moving to a different area? Are you moving to a different area or an area without paid parking? Then your permit is automatically ended after reporting your movement at the Township. You will receive an e-mail about the amount of credit you get retoured.