Street parking Delft

If you want to park your car on the street in Delft, you have to enter your license plate number at the parking machine. A parking ticket in your car is not necessary anymore. The parking attendant scans the license plate and checks if you have paid for parking.

How does it work?

  • Park your car and remember your license plate number
  • Follow the signs tot he parking meter
  • Enter your license plate number at the machine and enter the number of minutes or hours you want to park
  • Pay the parking money with your card (no cash!). The machines accept maestro cards, some machines also accept creditcards
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to pay for parking
  • You don’t need to go back to your car to put a parking ticket behind your window. You can get a receipt out of the parking machine.

Mobile parking

Even easier then parking at the street is mobile parking. If you choose mobile parking, you do not have to go to a parking machine, but just simply pay the parking money through your mobile phone.


Your privacy is ensured. The data is only used to make sure the parking money is paid 

Parking machine defect?

Do you see a broken parking machine? You can mention it by the phone number: 015 – 200 1046. Make sure to mention the number of the parking machine. If the machine is broke, you still need to pay. You can do this at another machine in the area or by your mobile phone. You can also park your car in the parking garage.

Parking machines in Delft

Please check the map for the location of parking machines on street. All machines accept cards (maestro). Creditcards are accepted at the following locations:

  • Gasthuisplaats, Voorstraat, Paardenmarkt
  • Oude Delft / Bagijnhof
  • Westvest
  • Coenderstraat
  • Kalverbos
  • Julianalaan
  • Papsouwselaan
  • Troelstralaan