Request parking permit

Do you live in a paid parking area or do you have a company here? Then you can request a parking permit for this area. You can login with your Digid. If you want to request a parking permit as a company, you can contact us. 

Request parking permit directly 

Costs parking permit

Rates per November 1st, 2020:

  • Parking area B (centre): Parking permit area B: € 200,00 per year (€ 16,57 per month).
    The second or following parking permits expires. You can buy an garage subscription for a second car.
  • Parking area C, E, F, Y en Z: A parking permit for C, E, F, Y or Z kost € 100,00 per year (€ 8,34 per month). For the second or following parking permits you pay € 200,00 (€ 16,67 per month).
  • Parking area H: A parking permit for H kost € 50,00 per year (€ 4,17 per month). For the second or following parking permits you pay € 100,00 (€ 8,34 per month).



Rates leges 2024

Besides the costs of a permit, you pay leges for every request. The leges as of January 1st, 2024 are:

  • € 5,90 per product

At the request of your parking permit, you pay the full amount directly. Pay afterwards or by cheque is not possible. You can request your parking permit online. You can pay by iDeal or creditcard. Your parking permit is valid directly after your request. A permit is for at least a month and a maximum of 12 months. Did you register your e-mail during the request? Then you will get an e-mail (service message) when your permit is about to exepire. You can also see how long your permit is still valid when you login. Do you have questions about a permit? You can fill in this contact form or stop by at the counter at the Zuidwal 14 in Delft (only by appointment).

Conditions parking permit

  • As a inhabitant of Delft you can only request for a parking permit for the area you live in
  • With your permit you can not park in a different area then the area you have a permit for
  • Do you want multiple permits in one household? Then the second or following permit is more exepensive
  • Do you have parking place at your own terrain? Then it is possible your request will be denied
  • A parking permit can not be used for parking a big vehicle, trailer or camper