Trailer, caravan or camper

You can park a camper, caravan or trailer for a maximum of three contiguous days at one place of street parking. This rule is also in a paid parking area. Does the caravan or camper have the same license plate as the car that’s in front of it? Then you do not have to pay separate for the caravan or trailer. After three days of parking, you have to move the camper, caravan or trailer to a different parking place, for example on a private terrain. Do you see a trailer, camper or caravan that’s parked for more than three days in one place, please contact the municipality of Delft.

Is your camper longer then 6 meters, wider then 2.05 meters and/or higher then 2.40 meter? Then the rules for parking busses or trucks apply. Your camper or caravan with these measurements is allowed to stand temparerely on the street, for example to drop off or pick up something or for cleaning the vehicle.