Parking in Delft does not have to be difficult

Fancy going to see a film or go shopping on Saturday afternoon? The centre of Delft is the perfect place for this. You can not only find a Pathé cinema there, but also clothing shops with the best brands, a library and a theatre. But what is the best place to park in Delft’s city centre? The parking garages of ParkerenDelft offer the solution.

“Where else can I park in Delft’s city centre?”

Of course, Delft’s city centre has many more noteworthy places than simply the Markt to visit. What about the Prinsenhof Museum or the Oude Kerk? For a visit to one of these attractions, it is best to park in the garage by the old city centre of Delft – the Phoenixgarage. Leaving this parking garage, you will find yourself right in the middle of Delft’s city centre. It is also best to park here if you fancy a drink in the vicinity of Oude Delft and the Hippolytus district.

The ParkerenDelft garages

ParkerenDelft manages various garages in and around Delft’s historic centre, making it easy for you to park close to attractions, restaurants and shops. Each parking garage is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to the automated card system, you can enter or exit the parking garages at any time of the day. On top of that, all ParkerenDelft parking garages are fitted with camera monitoring.

Parking card at a special rate

Are you going for a night out in Delft’s city centre? Park at a discounted rate in ParkerenDelft’s Zuidpoortgarage with the Evening Card. With the Evening Card, you can enter and exit the garage at a reduced rate from 18:00 – 00:00 from Sunday to Thursday. The card is dispended in the form of a QR code for ease of use.

Markt Garage is true to its name

A much-loved part of Delft is the Markt. This historic market square, with its 120m x 50m dimensions, is one of the largest in Europe. On one side of the Markt, you can find the Nieuwe Kerk; one the other side, Delft’s city hall. Since having been redesigned in 2004, the Markt no longer has parking space. Instead, you can now park in the Marktgarage– on the east side of Delft’s city centre.

It’s worth noting that this ParkerenDelft garage won an award for its appearance.

About ParkerenDelft

We manage and operate the parking garages in Delft’s city centre. Since January 2017, we have also been responsible for managing and enforcing parking on the streets (in the regulated area) and coordinating the execution of Delft municipality’s parking policy.