Parking ticket and parking fine

In Delft, rules apply to parking your vehicle. If you violate these rules, you can get a parking ticket or parking fine.
There are two types of parking fines:

  • If you have parked in a place where you are allowed to park only with a permit or by paying a parking fee, but do not pay and / or do not have a permit, you will receive a so-called “naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelasting”. This is an additional tax; parking fees are officially a municipal tax. This tax is collected by Invoned on behalf of ParkerenDelft.
  • If you have parked in a place where you are not allowed to park (for example on the sidewalk or in a bend), you receive a “aankondiging van beschikking”. The  fine will be collected by the CJIB, just like other traffic fines. Objection against this can only be made through the CJIB.

Pay your parking ticket

You can pay your parking ticket (‘Naheffingsaanslag Parkeerbelasting’) directly within three days via internet or at the counter at the Zuidwal (debit cards only).

If the parking ticket is older than 3 days, you have to wait for the duplicate of the additional assessment. This duplicate will be send to your home address by Invoned. The duplicate will include further instructions how to pay or how to make an appeal.

You can pay the parking ticket online within three days. You can also pay the parking ticket at the counter at the Zuidwal (only debit cards).

If an additional assessment is older than three days, you can’t pay the ticket by ParkerenDelft. You will get a duplicate of the additional assessment at home, send by Invoned. There will be the further instructions on the duplicate. More information?

It consists of two parts:

  • The parking fee for the hour or a day. This amount depends on the hourly rate of the parking space. In an area for permit holders, you have to pay a daypermit.
  • The costs for imposing the ticket (€ 61.00).