What's on your ticket

Please note the heading of your parking ticket: .

The naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelasting is for not paying (enough for) a parking fee or not having a parking permit. This is an additional tax; parking fees are officially a municipal tax. This tax is collected by Invoned on behalf of ParkerenDelft. This page contains information about payment, objection and appeal.

The aankondiging van beschikking  is a fine, like other traffic fines. The Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau (CJIB) will send you information about payment and objection and appeal of this fine.

Objection and appeal

Do you disagree with the “naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelasting”? Within 6 weeks of the date on the ticket, you can object at Invoned.
By mail:

t.a.v. ParkerenDelft
Postbus 168
6600 AD Wijchen

  • You can prove that you had a legit parking card
  • You are a permit holder for the location on the parking fine
  • The parking meter was defect and you still parked in that area without paying
  • You have a disability parking card, but didn’t ask for exemption for the license plate of the car you were driving in and parked in a ‘normal’ parking place
  • You didn’t know you had to pay. All paid parking areas have  parking signs
  • You are a permit holder for another area