Cheap parking in Delft – is it still possible?

Of course it’s possible! The parking garages of ParkerenDelft provide ample parking opportunities at attractive rates. You can make use of the garages, which are equipped with camera monitoring, 24/7. On top of that, each garage makes use of a maximum daily rate. And, if you really want to park cheaply in Delft, order a Member Card or subscription in ParkerenDelft’s webshop. This way, you can make optimal use of our parking options.

ParkerenDelft’s rates

Markt- and Zuidpoortgarage

  • € 50 per 10 minutes
  • € 90 per 60 minutes
  • After 120 minutes: € 50 per 12 minutes
  • Maximum daily rate: € 00 per 24 hours


  • € 50 per 10 minutes
  • € 90 per 60 minutes
  • Maximum daily rate: € 00 per 24 hours

Kampveldgarage (long-term storage garage)

  • Car space: € 1,680 per year
  • Motorcycle space: € 840 per year

Working together for cheap parking in Delft

ParkerenDelft is responsible for various parking garages in Delft, as well as the management and enforcement of Delft’s parking policy. In cooperation with the municipality, we make sure you can park safely and cheaply in Delft. Safe, because the garages are equipped with camera supervision and connected to the control room. Cheap, because we lower the rate as the duration of your stay increases. In the Marktgarage and Zuidpoortgarage for example, you only pay € 0.50 per 12 minutes after two hours, instead of the usual € 0.50 per 10 minutes. The Phoenixgarage has a maximum daily rate of € 18.

Order parking cards in the webshop

Make it easy on yourself and order your parking card in advance via ParkerenDelft’s webshop. Here, you will find a large assortment of single parking cards and subscription options. It is also possible to purchase a Member Card if you regularly make use of our parking options, but are not in need of a subscription. The webshop also has products for the corporate market, making parking in Delft incredibly straightforward. A few examples from our assortment:

  • Member Card
  • Evening Card
  • Railway-zone Card
  • Voucher