Parking in Delft

The centre of Delft is not accessible for motorized vehicles, unless you have an exemption. It is most easy to park your car in one of our parking garages. The garages are all on walking distance from the centre of Delft. Parking in a parkinggarage is the most safe, easy and cheapest way to park your car. Parking on the street in the regulated area is also possible. Without a permit, this is only allowed on very few locations.

Business parking in Delft

Companies in Delft are able to get business parking products. Not just for you, but also for your employees. For parking on the streets, we have permit holder products. For our garages we have different business subscriptions and other products available.

Popular business products

Parking garages in Delft

It is safe to park your car in one of our parking garages. Our garages are open 24/7. In the garages are camerasurveillance and license plate recognition. De Kampveldgarage does not have a license plate recognition and is only accessible for permitholders.

Parking counter

In the parking counter you will find all the information you need about parking in Delft. In the parking counter you can easily arrange your subscriptions for the parking garages and permits/exemptions for parking on the street.