Day ticket

You can park for up to 24 hours in a parking garage by your choice. It’s not possible to enter and exit sereval times during the day.
Note: the QR code is only available online and should be used when leaving the garage.

How the Day ticket (QR-code) works

  • You purchase the day ticket online before entering the garage. The day ticket is provided in the form of a QR code.
  • When entering the garage, take a regular parking ticket at the barrier.
  • When leaving the garage, insert the ticket at the barrier. Hold the QR code (on a print or on your phone) under the scanner at the barrier. Wait until the red light appears on the code. As soon as the code has been recognized, the barrier will open.
  • In case you park longer then the permitted term of your ticket, you have to pay extra at the vending machine or at the barrier while driving out (cards only).

Parkeren Delft is not liable for incorrect use of this product


  • Day ticket Marktgarage, Prinsenhofgarage en Zuidpoortgarage € 18,-


  • The card is provided as a QR-code
  • It’s not possible to drive in and out of the garage multiple times.
  • Exchange for a different card is not possible
  • The card is valid one year from the issue date and loses it’s value after use, unless inicated differently
  • Any residual value on the value card will not be returned
  • The rate fort his product is established by the college of B&W from the Township Delft