Are you visiting Delft? Then you can buy a going-out-in-delft-discountcard. With this card you can park in de Zuidpoortgarage, Prinsenhofgarage or Marktgarage for a maximum of 4 hours. Easy for when you’re going to theatre De Veste or the cinema (Pathé) or when you’re spending a few hours in Delft. The card reimburses the parking costs.

Price: €10,00

How does the Going-out-in-Delft-discountcard work?

Buy the Going-Out-in-Delft-discountcard before you’re going to pay the parking costst. At the vending machine you can scan the card after you’ve entered the entrance ticket. You can scan the going-out-in-delft-discountcard from a paper or your phone. Hold the ticket underneath de vending machine, untill you see the red lamp shining on your qr-code. You can do this at the machine but also at the barrier.

Buy the going-out-in-delft-discountcard