Parking with mobile phone

In the regulated parking area in Delft you can use mobile parking everywhere. There are 5 proivders for mobile parking:

Never pay too much

With mobile parking you never have to think about how long you are going to stay somewhere or have to park. You also do not take the risk of paying too much or too less, which make you risk a parking fine. You just pay afterwards and you pay for the exact amount of minutes you have parked.

The benefits of parking with your mobile phone are:

  • Paying in a fast, safe and comfortable way
  • No cash necessary
  • You pay afterwards, so you do not have to make a estimate for the parking time
  • You only pay for the time you have parked
  • No parking fines
  • The parked time is automatically settled

How does it work?

If you want to use mobile parking, you first have to register at one of the providers and install the application at your mobile phone. Mobile parking is possible with every type of phone.


After you have parked, you enter the location code. You can do this at the application on your phone or by calling. The locationcode is on or on top of the parking machine. Before leaving you have to sign out at the provider. At the end of the month the dued parking money is settled.

Mind this: All the places for permitholders have the code 3333. This is the biggest part of the area where regulated parking is possible. At this places you always pay the rate of a daycard for permitholders, no matter the parking lengte (within 24 hours).