2 or 3 days card, Week card

With the 2 or 3 days card and week card you can park in one of our garages. The card can be used multiple times (unlimited) during your stay.

This is a mini-subscription. You specify the time (2 days, 3 days or a week). Then you specify the start date, the period of validity is automatically set . When entering or leaving the garage you scan the weekcard at the barrier. You don’t need to take a ticket at the barrier!

Buy the week card 



  • € 32,- Marktgarage, Zuidpoortgarage, Prinsenhofgarage.


  • € 48,- Marktgarage, Zuidpoortgarage, Prinsenhofgarage.


  • € 70,- Marktgarage, Zuidpoortgarage, Prinsenhofgarage.


1. The order is processed upon receipt of payment, usually within 3 days. We notify you when your order is ready.
2. The week card is valid for the indicated days from start date. During this period you have unlimited access to the garage. 

3. Exchange for a different card is not possible
4. The card loses its value after use, unless otherwise indicated.
5. Any residual value on the value card will not be returned
6. In the event of loss or theft, a new card can be requested for €10,-. The old card is then blocked.
7. The rate fort his product is set by the college of B&W, Delft